Our Staff

Meet some of the team, with a wealth of experience and a customer focused approach we cannot wait to help you get back InControl. 

Charles Greed

Charles Greed

I co-founded InControl with Luke in 2003.

I am Operations Director and I am passionate about our staff providing quality advice and service to all of our customers. The role of the account manager is vital to helping people sustain and complete their debt solution with us and it is my priority to make sure that our team maintain the standards and procedures to support our clients.

The client testimonials and messages of thanks that our team receive as a result of their good work inspires me to make sure that we always maintain that level of excellence.

Jenna Williams

Jenna Williams

My role with InControl involves dealing with my existing clients accounts and making sure each plan runs smoothly. It’s very satisfying to see client’s paying off their debts and eventually becoming debt free.

Eden Dangar

My role at InControl involves managing my client’s accounts every day, making sure I minimise any pressure that they have been under by dealing with their creditors themselves. You get a wonderful feeling  knowing that you’re really helping someone and they’re feeling happier and more confident to be on their way to a debt free life.

Luke Notley

Luke Notley

Having previously worked in finance with Charles, we saw first-hand how indebted customers were often given bad advice and poor service and decided to create a new debt advice service focused on best advice and customer satisfaction.

Ashton Partridge

My role within InControl involves managing my clients accounts day to day. It is a great feeling to help my clients get on top of their finances and take away the pressure of debt. It is always a happy moment to see clients complete their plans and achieve debt freedom. 

Sally Foss

My role within InControl is to manage existing client’s accounts to ensure their plans run as smoothly as possible. I offer our clients debt advice in regards to their suitable options to ensure they are fully aware of all the options that are out there. I specialise in dealing with particularly vulnerable clients who have various medical conditions that impact their ability to manage their debts themselves, and I am proud to say all of my clients receive the best possible service I can provide.

Steve Bean

Steve Bean

The part of my role at InControl that fills me with the most pleasure is being in a position to offer people that elusive olive branch in respect of turning their financial outlook around. I have experienced dealing with clients from all walks of life but understanding that they are all looking for the same thing, a realistic and affordable solution coupled with a friendly and informative advisor. I feel I provide this for the individuals I help.


Karen Jones

I started with the company in 2007. Coming from a managerial back ground, my main responsibilities are to ensure that the team are carrying out their roles to the best of their ability and offering excellent service and advice for our clients. I carry out audits on our teams work, checking that we are compliant in all areas and deliver performance feedback in our staffs 1-1s. We have a great team here, they make my job easy!


 Honor Fermore-Kissane

Within InControl I deal with the admin jobs such as incoming and outgoing correspondence. I like knowing I serve a part of the team and helping the account managers with some of their various tasks.