Can I Switch Debt Management Plan?

Are you already on a debt management plan with another provider? Unhappy with their service? Perhaps you feel your fees are too high?

As debt management plans are not legally binding agreements, you are normally free to switch provider at any point providing you give the necessary notice.

Switching to InControl may save you money on your fees which means more money will go to your creditors and you will get out of debt quicker. We do not charge setup fees for customers switching to InControl from any other debt management company.

We also charge a flat fee of £36 per month to manage your plan. If you are paying more than £36 in management fees, switching to InControl will save you money and get you out of debt quicker.

If you are considering moving your payment plan, we would strongly advise you to use a company who is a member of a trade body and that;

  • Your funds are securely held in a ring-fenced designated client account.
  • Payments are made within 5 days of receiving cleared funds from you.

For a list of DEMSA members, click HERE

To switch your plan to InControl simply call our dedicated helpline 01392 429 064 or complete the form below.