Being in debt is stressful, however finding a company to help when there are so many to choose from can be a daunting task.

Here at InControl we pride ourselves in our ability to offer a personal client focused service at competitive pricing.

The charges for our Debt Management Plans are as follows;

Instruction Fee(There are no instruction fees for customers switching from other providers) To set up your debt management plan, you will pay a fixed fee of £195. This fee is usually spread evenly over the first 6 months payments (£32.50 per month though this can be extended as required) and is taken from your monthly payment.

This covers the considerable work in setting up the plan and confirming all the information required to begin reduced payment negotiations. We need to confirm location of debts, the creditor details, payment details, balances, if interest and charges are applicable, any pending action i.e Court Proceedings/Bailiffs and placing your accounts on hold whilst negotiations take place.

Other Debt Management companies usually charge the first 2 or sometimes 3 monthly payments to set up a plan – for a £200 payment, this could cost you £400-£600 to set your plan up and your creditors would not be paid for 3-4 months!

At InControl, we make sure payments are made to your creditors as soon as possible and believe that you shouldn’t pay more to set up your plan on the basis that you can afford more – the work involved in setting up your plan is the same if you can afford £100 or £500.

Management fee – On all new instructions, a  flat fee of £36 is charged to manage your plan from month to month. This covers ongoing negotiations, payment disbursals, reviews, dealing with legal issues etc


If you have already missed payments on your credit cards because of financial difficulty, the fees on a Debt Management Plan will in most cases be significantly lower than repaying a single credit card at the minimum repayment level. Here is an example:

Capital One Classic credit card at 34.9% APR with a balance of £1500.

If repaid at the minimum rate only (typically 3% of the debt balance, in this case £45) it would take around 36 years to fully repay the debt costing you around £6200! Not to mention possible late payment fees and over-limit fees.

So if you have a few different credit cards and we could get the interest and charges stopped you can see how cost effective a Debt Management Plan is compared to struggling on and paying minimum repayments.